Cameron Eldridge

Developer of games, websites, and software


BCS, University of Waterloo
Ottawa, Canada

The seat in front of a computer has, for the majority of my life, been a place of comfort for me. Though it was the games that brought me there, it eventually became the code inside that kept me. For ten years now, from the first bug-ridden games of my own to my more recent projects, I have been working to write the best code I can — and I think it's going pretty well.

With every project I learn something new. Whether it's a concept, technique, language, or technology, with each new thing I learn I see more possibilities. I hope to someday make something that inspires people the way the games of my childhood inspired me.


Web server
Web tools


My love of games may have been my original inspiration to get into programming. Though I did start with a website, I quickly moved on to making games. Playing below are some of my more recent and better projects.


Raised in a world where everything is white, one small rectangle sees something unusual — a little flash of something else. As he moves closer, he realises there is more to this world and soon finds himself on an amazing adventure.

Heading out from his house, he travels the world. He meets many new people and sees things he could never have imagined, but eventually he gets tangled in something much bigger than his own adventure.


After months of hard work, Dave has finally been awarded Employee of the Month! As a reward, he is given a trip to Brockville! Unfortunately for this ordinary man, his train ride there turns out to be unusually perilous...

Short on weapons, Dave takes a fork and fights his way through hordes of monsters, hoping to find out what is going on with this train.

Abby and Elliot

Today is the day of the class fieldtrip to the local forest to learn about nature! Abby doesn’t want to learn though, so she takes her best friend Elliot and they split from the group.

After wandering for some time, the two get lost. Abby stays determined, but Elliot is scared by every noise, worried that it might be a monster. Abby tries to keep him calm but once monsters really do show up, there’s no chance. They have to make it back to the group!


Original game by Antoine Bauza. Art by Naïade

Join a group of travellers as they travel along the famous Tokaido road from Tokyo to Kyoto. Visit temples, purchase souvenirs, bathe in hot springs, eat great food, and see the sights, all while having a better time than the other travellers.

Play the original board game by Antoine Bauza online with your friends!


Work in progress